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Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapy
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Gifts Gone Bad?  Take Back Your Bliss


Calmness & Clarity

Stress Release & Hypnosis for the Stars  (Actors, Writers, Singers)

Spiritual Hypnosis and Regression

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Gifts Gone Bad? Take Back Your Bliss!! 
This service is designed to assist you to release trauma related negative residue and live a more tranquil, happy, and energetic life! Deals with lingering emotions or behavioral effects from a Gift Gone Bad? Here you will find the help you need to deal with and ultimately alleviate distress, fear, and bad habits which were left behind.
This choice contains adequate time to make significant progress toward making lasting positive change in other areas as well.
1.  This is the Recommended Purchase for life coaching with or without hypnosis.
2.  This is the recommended option to help with 
tinnitus relief, improving sleep, cope while regaining the sense of taste,



Ideal Weight & Fitness

  • Interview and intake, hypnotherapy time permitting

  • General Ideal Weight and Fitness I

  • General Ideal Weight and Fitness II

  • Specialized Hypnosis

  • Recordings of all Suggestive Hypnosis

  • Expert Coaching

  • Motivational Messages

  • Accountability Checks


Specialized Hypnosis Includes:


  • Moderation

  • Body Image and Appreciation

  • Eliminating Excess

  • Food Aversion Metaphor

  • Increasing Metabolism and Movement

  • Choices

  • Your Slender Image

  • Food: Your Fuel and Medicine


Regression & Spiritual Hypnosis

This service includes the following types of regression or Spiritual Hypnosis:

  • Present Life

  • Past Life

  • Childhood Chakra

  • Spiritual Hypnosis in order to get guidance for next steps and future paths.

Upon request, I offer several types of past life regression. Address a certain pattern, Therapeutic Past Life or enjoy a past life exploration, or to bring back Peace and Joy or talent recovery.


Some of these may be included in Calmness and Clarity or Gifts Gone Bad? Take Back Your Bliss! or may be purchased separately.

Change your subconscious mind so that your Body Mind and Spirit are a
Unified Power Team! 

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