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Substance Release

This program assists you to be free from smoking, vaping, tobacco, or troublesome food; or to maintain freedom from alcohol, or other substance. Quiting Gambling or sex addiction would also be purchased here. And you can Bring Your Bestie so you can both quit together at the same time! 

Your family, friends, lovers and pets won't have to hold their breath around you! 

(because of the oder of cigarettes, pipes, alcohol, marijuana)

After Hypnotherapy


How is Your Life is Likely to Change
(Some improvements may apply only to one or a few of the substances, sex or gambling "addictions")

1. Your family, friends, lovers and pets won't have to hold their breath around you! (because of the oder of cigarettes, pipes, alcohol, marijuana, etc)

2. You will be safer to be around--no second hand smoke, or increased risk of accidents (from alcohol and drugs). 

3. You will be free from the hassles of maintaining the habit.

4. You will save boatloads of money! 

5. You will make a better impression at job interviews! 

6. You will get hired easier because you will be a better health risk so firms will expect you to be more dependable and you may get discounts. 

7. You will feel better, have more energy and stamina, be a BETTER LOVER!

8. You will breathe easier with less coughing, climb stairs without being short of breath. You will have improved ability to run or sing, even talk. Your voice will sound clearer.

9. Your risk of getting diabetes and more (sugar), accidents (alcohol), cancer, having a stroke, emphysema, COPD, and complications from viruses will decrease--better health, longer life expectancy!

10. You will get less wrinkles!! (and probably feel younger too)

11. You will not have to sneak around, go outside, or wait for the right time to indulge in your habit.

12. You will have a keener sense of taste.

13. You will feel more confident and at ease knowing people whose opinion you value are holding you in high esteem for overcoming this challenge.

14, You will be proud of yourself--and rightly so!!

15. You will provide a better example and hope for others.

16. You will have keener intelligence and wit.

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