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Generous VIP program
Janis is  at your Service



YOU don't have to be wealthy to get VIP service at Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC

It works like this:

1. As you accumulate points, 10 for each hour, up to 50; you get 30% off of whatever I am charging. (Not applicable to plans which already include this discount)

2. You also get to pay upon arrival or after your session; request an invoice so you can pay a few days later; or even set up a payment plan.

3. You also get to be the first to confirm your appointment time upon request by simply sending me a text or email.

4. You also get remote appointments and telephone consultations at any time you want instead of during my regularly scheduled hours.

5. You also get In-person appointments at any time outside my regular schedule if there is an office available for hourly rental AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. (For hourly treatment space rentals, I will incur additional hourly rental fees, half of which I usually pass on to clients)

6.  You also get an immediate response as soon as I receive your communication; even if messages from other clients are waiting. (Messages from VIP clients will be served in the order received; On-Demand Clients will  get served first.)
7. And YOU also get the opportunity to take advantage of a 50% discount on a subscription to Hypnosis on Demand; and for $400 a month, paid in advance on which ever day you choose for as long as you like, YOU can even get spontaneous on-demand hypnosis sessions to help you sleep or to address a concern as soon as you call or text me; whenever you need it, as many times as you need it. These session may be done remotely immediately—telephone or Zoom, or in-person during regular business hours ASAP. The non-VIP monthly fee is $800.

Events and Specials

November 1

National SmokeOut Day
November 16, 20

Huge Discount on Substance Release

Why wait?

We're celebrating your new life early!

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