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As of February 23, 2024

Chris Jameson


3 weeks agoNEW

I am Very Satisfied with the Hypnotherapy session that I had just recently attended. For years I have Smoked and had many unsuccessful attempts to quit, After My first session I truly have no desire to smoke or the anxiety that came with smoking.
I am impressed with the Results! I highly suggest this service if you need professional help with getting rid of anxiety, bad habit's, and or trauma's.


S saintamour


4 weeks ago 

Janise was a pleasure to work with, I have never tried Hypnotherapy before and can say that it works, Whoever is receiving it needs to do their part as well. But I feel like a million dollars after each session.

  • Date

    09.28.2023 11:19 PM

  • Name

    Sue Amos

  • Title

    Life Changing

  • Message

    For my birthday I treated myself to my first past life regression session with Master hypnotherapist, Janis Jarvis. I've been using Janice's services for many many years now and totally trust her. Even before I was completely hypnotized, I began seeing images of myself in 1884 Europe. I experienced both my life and tragic death. I suspect I lived in France then. After experiencing the regression, we processed the experience by talking about what I learned and who the man in my past life was in my present life- I now know! For me, the transition from this life to my past life was effortless and maybe that's because I'm beyond ready to move on in this life to a higher state of love and bliss. Janis Jarvis is the best. I thank God for her????????????????

Janis was very comprehensive in working out how to approach the hypnosis for smoking cessation. It has only been one day since my two sessions and I do feel a "difference" from previous times I tried to quit on my own. The full success has not been realized yet, but I purchased the additional refresher session if I should need it. I feel much more confident after having done this. I too am listening to my session recording each day (plan to for the rest of this week at minimum). Give her a try! ~~Jill Williams 19 Nov 2023

Working with Janis was like a miracle. I have had past life therapy before with 2 famous male hypnotherapists, but I wanted to try a female. And sure enough, Janis was the perfect hypnotherapist for my situation. She is intuitional & asked great questions when I was "under." She is sensitive & immersed in your particular situation. I totally recommend her for any hypnotherapy that you need. I hope to use her services again. ~~Helen B. July 21, 2023


I have to say that Janis is the absolute best hypnotherapist that I have ever had. I am a female and had 2 male hypnotherapists but the outcome was not good. Janis is wonderful at asking good questions and she is very good at asking pertinent questions. I recommend her totally. ~~Helen B July 18, 2023


I had such a wonderful experience working with Janis. Being new to hypnotherapy, I had a lot of reservations and nervousness, but was generally open to the experience. I’m so glad to have found Janis. The initial interview was extremely comfortable. Her energy was welcoming, calming, non-judgmental and curious. The hypnotherapy session was extremely personalized and specific to my needs and ideas for a better me. I honestly did not know what to expect and felt scared to enter a vulnerable state with a stranger, however Janis was able to put me into an instant state of relaxation and calm. I listen to my recording every night and have found it extremely helpful for smoking cessation with the use of other tools (nicotine gum, etc) Janis was clear about the results being dependent on my own commitment to releasing the habit, which I found trustworthy and honest of her. She even included a free aromatherapy element to the session which was so helpful in reaching a state of relaxation. 10/10 would recommend.

``Alli Kirszenbaum 27 Dec 2022

Great experience. Regression was easy, pleasant and productive. Very professional. Planning on doing it again.

~~Richard 13 Dec 2022

I am honored to provide my testimony for my brief work with the talented and creative health therapist Janis Jarvis. Janis worked briefly together to anchor me with confidence in a healthy place regarding my relationship with my food and my body. She offered me several techniques to use in moments of doubt about myself, my expectations, and clarity. Most important was her creation of a custom hypnotherapy track that I use daily and nightly. I love it and am thrilled and awed by the positive results it has brought. Without reservation, I recommend Janis. She works efficiently and professionally to provide gentle and compassionate care for her clients. She is a serious and sincerely dedicated therapist. Her toolbox of techniques and approaches is large and diverse, making her a uniquely effective therapist.  ~~Ellie Altman 10 Dec 2022

I had an amazing and accurate hand writing analysis experience with Janis, it's amazing to feel Seen & Heard in such a unique way. It will pair well with her hypotherapy practice!  ~~Meredith McDonough 15 Aug 2022

I enjoyed my time with Janis she was amazing!  ~~Jody Manerchia 07 Jan 2022

I came to Janis hoping to reframe some of my thinking and help manage nightmares. She was one of the first therapists to actually help me validate my feelings and genuinely understand. The hypnotherapy treatments helped me relax and process thoughts differently. I would definitely recommend giving it a try! ~~Jessie 06 Jul 2021

The demeanor, understanding, and compassion I feel from Janis is such a comfort. These things go a long way toward instilling in me the confidence to face my issues. We're friends on my journey, tackling it together, and she's the greatest advocate and supporter I have. ~~R Murphy 25 Jun 2021

Working with Janis was wonderful. Very relaxed and comfortable space to work on a better me. Highly recommend to all. ~~Heather 24 Jun 2021

I have so enjoyed working with Janis. She is an authentic, dedicated, gifted Hypnotherapist.A Gem!Highly recommend her services. ~~Terry 24 Jun 2021

Janis was super welcoming and accommodating to any anxieties. She was very thorough with paperwork before and making sure everything was set up to give me the best experience possible. I had a past life regression and definitely was able to visualize experiences and get guidance from spirit guides. Would definitely recommend her services! ~~Cecelia L. Jul 18, 2023

Excellent ~~Claire H. May 26, 2023

Recently I had a tel-session with Janice in the comfort and convenience of my home. I set up a lounge chair on my deck and put my cell on speaker. It was like being in Janice's suite! I didn't have to drive anywhere and practiced social distancing! Janice is a skilled hypnotherapist. Her energy is positive and kind. ~~ Sue Amos June 6, 2020


I was looking for someone to regress me to recall information. Janis Jarvis pulled it off in a professional and pleasant manner. She's someone who clearly loves her profession and makes it accessible to all. ~~Richard Geiwitz December 13, 2022

If you are looking for the clarity and wisdom that is offered through hypnosis, I would highly recommend Janis Jarvis. She embodies the professionalism, authenticity and intelligence of a seasoned life coach and hypnotherapist. ~~Terry Levitan RN 1/13/20

I found the past life regression facilitated by Janis at Hypnotherapy by the Bay to be an outstanding experience! She was very patient and kind, and the memories recalled were very helpful in understanding present circumstances and helping me overcome issues. I would highly…I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in self-knowledge, creating a more purposeful life, or overcoming old behaviors. ~~Lisa C.7/22/17

I went into my session for past life regression excited but a little skeptical that I could actually be hypnotized. Janis led me through the process and I was able to have an amazing and powerful experience. I gained a great deal of knowledge about myself and left both somewhat drained and also invigorated. Though my session was several weeks ago, I am still receiving gifts of insight. I have done past life before but never under hypnosis and this was a whole new level of learning for me. If you are considering this type of energy work, I urge you to take advantage of it now while Janis is offering generous specials for the summer. Namaste. Linda V. 7/17/17


Janis has served me and several of my friends with past life regression sessions and hypnotherapy to help relieve stress and gain clarity. Janis has a very gentle, clear energy that makes it easy to relax into the process and enjoy the insights that come through.​ ~~Carol K. Annapolis, MD 7/11/2017

Tony G. Germantown, MD 7/11/2017

I had the most incredible and amazing LBL hypnotherapy session with Janis, and would HIGHLY recommend to any and all to take advantage of this fantastic service that she offers!  Janis is easy and wonderful to partner with in any area you might wish to explore or change, her warm and caring approach to facilitating that exploration and change make it a breeze to engage with her and extremely fulfilling upon completion!!! Run, don't walk, to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, and let Janis help you transform into the person you always were meant to be... ~~Tony G. Germantown, MD 7/11/2017

Laura Loterszpil

Maryland Acupuncturist

 Highly Recommended"Fantastic Hypnotherapist, but most importantly Janice heart is always in the right place. "

Robert Merlin

Merlin Centre For Hypnosis & Enlightenment

 Highly Recommended"Great Hypnotist and caring person."

Carol Kerr

Future Focus Coaching and Training

 Highly Recommended"Janis is a gift! She is gentle, understanding, spiritual and an excellent hypnotherapist. "

Desiree Holmes Scherini

Desiree Holmes Scherini -Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

 Highly Recommended"Janis is a caring and talented hypnotherapist. She did a regression session with me that helped me explore answers to questions I couldn't reach without hypnosis. "

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