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Calmness & Clarity 

  1. Calm the effects of fears and stress; tinnitus relief, improving sleep so you do life better!

  2. Habits other than substances​. 

  3. Chrystal Bowl PersuasioMeditation;  may be requested as part of this program or as a stand alone.

This program is designed to ease your stress, provide tinnitus relief, calm anxiety and improve your sleep. You may also choose this option for miscellaneous fears and habits other than substance release.  It is similar to the Gifts Gone Bad? Take Back Your Bliss!! program but is short term.

Includes suggestive hypnotherapy and life coaching. May include crystal bowl persuasion, self-hypnosis or meditation instruction, guided meditation, break free sessions, regression and energy work (like EFT, Reiki, and Soul Link) depending on client needs.

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