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Regression and Spiritual Hypnosis


"Hypnotic Regression is perhaps the single most powerful intervention for creating change in an individual's character in the shortest amount of time; while it increases awareness about the self and our world like nothing else on earth; and it does so not only through new understandings, consciously, but also experientially and unconsciously... regression can change the programming that exists from the past instantaneously." Dr Allen Chips 

  • Present Life--lost memories, why do I do that?, for peace & joy, Bring Your Bestie 

  • Past Life (upon request from the client) why do I do that? Just curious, For Peace & Joy, Bring Your Bestie 

  • Childhood Chakra*

  • Spiritual Hypnosis in order to get guidance for next steps and future paths


*Childhood Chakra Regression is often included in the Calmness and Clarity and the Gifts Gone Bad--Take Back Your Bliss programs; or it can be purchased as a stand-alone. 

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