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Substance Release Hypnotherapy
Purchase Options Below

Substance Release or Recovery Maintenance
Be free from your addictions: smoking, tobacco, nicotine, vaping, troublesome food; sex or gambling; or
Maintain freedom from alcohol or other substance. 


  • Comprehensive. Two to three sessions up to 3 hours (1st may last up to 2 hours, 2nd may last up to 1 hour): Introduction, Education, Interview, Substance Release, Between Session Support & Make it Permanent Session. $570

  • The Guarantee. To be honest, you probably won't need this.  But, some of you like to have it just in case.  With this guarantee you can come back for a tune-up. If purchased with the Session by Session option, it may be purchased only after second session has been purchased separately. $199 for up to 4 hours,  2 to 3 sessions.

  • Session by Session. Start here and come back as necessary. Part One.One session up to 2 hours $398. Part 2. One session up to 1 hour. $199.

  • Payment methods are listed here


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