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Shhh! It's Secret Success Sundays.

The Secret is Out. Let's Get Started!
Ticket sales for the group hypnosis on March 3, 2024 is now closed.  Please sign up below to get more information or to get pre-qualified for future group hypnosis events. 

Have you ever gotten the Monday Blues on Sunday night?

Or even Sunday morning?


These sessions are designed to help you take back your bliss. What if you could replace your Sunday night fears, stress and anxieties with blissful relaxation, self confidence and enthusiastic anticipation? Whether you want to improve your career, boost your confidence, or make positive changes in your life, these sessions are tailored to help you achieve success. I invite you now to unlock your full potential and change your Sundays forever with Secret Success Sundays Group Hypnosis sessions. This will be your chance to experience the ease and elegance of hypnotherapy. You can bring your friends or make new friends as you relax and enjoy creating a new success mindset. Let hypnosis help you break free from limiting beliefs and unleash your hidden power by aligning your mindset and freeing yourself from the tyranny of self-doubt.

These sessions are the perfect opportunity to relax, refocus, and reprogram your subconscious mind so that now you will actually look forward to beginning a new week. Clearly perceive your path to achieving your goals. Don't miss out on this powerful opportunity for personal transformation. Let Janis and the power of the group dynamic help you take back your bliss and create the life and relationships of your heart’s desire. 

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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