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Policies--What You Can Expect

Protocols. Hypnosis is a powerful process that has helped millions of people! While extremely powerful, it is not magic. It is unrealistic to expect lasting results in just one session. It requires a bit of your time and commitment. To obtain the best results, each program has a recommended minimum number of sessions during which all techniques of directive and non-directive hypnotherapy can be applied in proper succession. Research showed a recovery rate of 93 percent in 6 sessions of hypnosis. Therefore, in most cases, hypnotherapy sessions are purchased in blocks of up to 4, and last up to 4.5 hours in total. A substantial discount is offered for 6 or more sessions (30% at this time). Longer term packages are available for Ideal Weight and Fitness and Gifts Gone Bad.

Lasting habit control results can be expected with up to 3 sessions along with listening to a recording every night for 30 days. Then a follow-up telephone call may be held 30 days later to determine how much more fabulous client’s life is now that the habit is gone. Sometimes clients will notice lingering concerns related to the habits that were not addressed by either party during the initial hypnosis which will require more sessions.

If you are releasing a substance from your life, before your session, if you haven't already done so, take your last bit of the substance, i.e. your last cigarette, vape, drink, chew, sugary food/drink etc. and throw away everything associated with the habit and make small changes to the appearance of your home and maybe your office and vehicle. Since you will be a different person when you leave the session, a slightly different perhaps more attractive environment will support that concept and reward you for making this important change in your life! Some people even have their car detailed.

Time. For hypnotherapy, most sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. Ninety-minute sessions are recommended for regressions.

If sessions run over the maximum time allotted, the next session will be reduced by the overage of the last session. If this occurs during the last session, the client will be expected to pay $39 for each 15-minute segment as follows: 5 to 15 minutes = $39.

Payment.  Cash and checks are welcome. However, payment may be made anytime before your session using a variety of payment methods (see below), It is more convenient and saves time if you send pay ahead of your first appointment.  However, you may pay on the day of your appointment before we begin. 

  • I can take your payment during your payment over the phone during your FREE consultation,

 (410) 212-4144 


Refunds. Client may receive a full refund in the unlikely event that they decide to decline services for any reason, before or during the first session. There are no refunds after hypnosis is performed or after the first session, whichever is sooner.. 

All services, including gift certificates, must be used within a year of purchase. 

Refunds will not be made after a year of purchase even if no services were performed. It is the client’s responsibility to schedule their appointments or request a refund within a year of purchase.

Insurance. Since we know of no insurance company which covers hypnosis, we do not bill them.  Clients may request receipts to present to their insurance company if they believe they might be persuaded to cover physical health-related hypnosis like weight loss and smoking cessation.

Cancellations. If Client is unable to attend the appointment:  Client must inform us, ideally 24 hours before or during the day before the appointment or it will be forfeited, and any pre-paid funds will not be refunded. Client may choose to reschedule and pay missed appointment fees. Emergency and weather situations will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Missed Appointment Fees for Clients who wish to reschedule canceled appointments.

  • If Client cancels their appointment at least on the day before the appointment, there is no charge.

  • Client must text (or call) by 10 AM (410-212-4144) on the day of the appointment to cancel or there will be a $100 fee.

  • If Client simply does not show up for their appointment, there will be an appointment no- show fee of $155.

Professional Courtesy and Partnerships. Clients who are currently receiving care from a health care professional for the same issue for which they are seeking hypnosis will be expected to get a note from said professional stating that they are aware of the hypnosis and see no contraindication. Clients who have been diagnosed with Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Chronic Depression, or Bi-polar must provide a doctor’s written referral to proceed with hypnotherapy.

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