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Janis' Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC
Policies and Expectations


The following is a copy of the policy statement which you will be expected to sign before we begin your session.  It's a good idea to read through it before you make your first purchase from this website. You will see it again. It will be attached to your Welcome Email Message and you can download it, sign it and electronically return it or bring it with you.  


This email message also includes:

  1. Links to the Intake Form and Consent Forms

  2.  Frequently Asked Questions

  3. Tips for preparing for and getting the most out of your session

  4. Two highly recommended but optional assesements


On September 13, 1958, the American Medical Association (AMA) stated that “Hypnosis has a recognized place in the medical armamentarium and is a useful technique in the treatment of certain illnesses when employed by qualified medical and dental personnel.” Thus recognizing hypnotherapy as an orthodoxmedical treatment. In 1961, the AMA further recommended 144 hours of clinical hypnotherapy training for all physicians and medical doctors. Incidentally, 144 hours is about the same as required for an introductory course in Hypnotherapy.  Janis, owner and practitioner of Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC, has received clinical hypnotherapy training every year for at least 14 years; totaling many times over the AMA recommendation.    

Obviously, hypnosis is a powerful and “orthodox” process that has helped millions of people! While extremely powerful, it is not magic. As such, it is unrealistic to expect lasting results in just one session. It requires a bit of time and commitment.

To obtain the best results, each program has a recommended minimum number of sessions during which all techniques of directive and non-directive hypnotherapy can be applied in proper succession. Research showed a recovery rate of 93 percent in 6 sessions of hypnosis. Therefore, in most cases, hypnotherapy sessions are purchased in multi-session plans. 

  • Lasting habit control results can be expected with up to 3 sessions. Clients are encouraged to record their hypnosis so that they can listen and reinforce the hypnotic suggestions every night for at least a week, longer if needed. Then a follow-up telephone call may be held 30 days later to determine how much more fabulous Client’s life is now that the habit is gone.

  • Sometimes Clients will notice lingering concerns related to the habits that were not addressed by either party during the initial hypnotherapy which will require more sessions. 


Substance Release Program. In addition to attending the first 2-hour session, there are three more vital components of this substance release program. Although some people can succeed without following all three of these steps, success is much more likely when Client follows the program as it was designed based on years of experience in the field. 


  1. If Client is releasing a substance from their life, before the session, if Client desires they may take the last bit of the substance before throwing it away, i.e. the last cigarette, vape, drink (of course, please do not come to the session tipsy or high), chew, sugary food/drink etc. and throw away everything associated with the habit and make small changes to the appearance of their home, office and vehicle. Since Client will be a different person when they leave the session, a slightly different perhaps more attractive environment will support that concept and reward them for making this important change in their life! Some people even have their car detailed.

  2. Listen to the recording of the hypnosis every night for a week and as needed after that.

  3. Return for the follow-up appointment within 48 hours if possible.

Substance Release Guarantee. In order to redeem free sessions with this guarantee, Client will have to verify in writing that they have followed all three of the elements of this program. If one does not complete all 3 elements, they have not followed the program; and the guarantee is null and void. However, the amount paid for the guarantee may be applied to the cost of the new session. 

X_____ (Initial indicating that you have read, understand and agree to comply with the Substance Release Guarantee Policy)

Time. For hypnotherapy, most sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. Ninety-minute sessions are recommended for regressions. For meditation, most sessions last 30 minutes.

If sessions run over the maximum time allotted, the next session will be reduced by the overage of the last session. If this occurs during the last session, the client will be expected to pay $39 for each 15-minute segment as follows: 5 to 15 minutes = $39. 


Booking & Payment 

Advance Payment Policy. Except for long-term Clients who prefer to pay at the time of the appointment, appointments are not confirmed until payment is received. New Clients (having received hypnotherapy for 0 to 6 months) must pay in advance. Cash is welcome but must be received before appointment is confirmed by stopping by or paying after the last session. 

X_____ (Initial indicating that you have read and will comply with the Advance Payment Policy)

Ways to Book and Pay

(410) 212-4144 or

  • Pay off-line using:

  1. Zelle (410) 212-4144
  2. PayPal

  3. Cash

  4. Checks (Payable to Janis KC Jarvis.)

Insurance  To our knowledge, most insurance companies do not cover hypnotherapy. Some may pay for certain types of hypnotherapy; however we do not bill them. This would be strictly between Client and their insurance company. In certain circumstances, alternative financing will be considered upon request.

Generous VIP Program--Janis is at your Service
YOU don't have to be wealthy to get VIP service at Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC

It works like this: 

  1. As you accumulate  points, 10 for each hour, up to 50; you get 30% off of whatever I am charging. (Not applicable to plans which already include this discount)

  2. You also get to pay upon arrival or after your session; request an invoice so you can pay a few days later; or even set up a payment plan.

  3. You also get the first reply from me if your message is received at the same time as others.

  4. You also get to be the first to confirm your appointment time upon request by simply sending me a text or email.

  5. Remote appointments and telephone consultations will be provided at any time you want instead of during my regularly scheduled hours.

  6. In-person appointments will also be provided at any time outside my regular schedule if there is an office available for hourly rental.


Hypnosis on Demand

Now YOU can have Janis at your hypnotic service day or night, anytime you need it*. And this is not a recording! You will actually be speaking to Janis, who as you may know, is a real live person. Because sometimes hypnosis is needed urgently or you need just a little help to get you through a rough time, Hypnotherapy by the Bay is offering you a NEW monthly subscription plan.  You will get immediate access* to unlimited mini hypnotherapy sessions, lasting up to 30 minutes*, as many as you like, every month, until you cancel your plan. You can even do back to back sessions.

You can choose any day to pay and cancel whenever you like.  Once you are accepted and have gone through the intake process, there are no refunds even if you do not use the service.  Hypnosis will usually be provided remotely;  phone or Zoom, whichever you would like; however if you need it during routine office hours, if Janis has availability, i.e. not in session with a client, she will see you in person ASAP!! 

*The fine print:

  1. Most sessions last from 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. Although every effort will be made to answer your call immediately, there may be exceptions. Sessions may be delayed if Janis is in session, or unreachable.

  3. Most hypnosis session last from an hour to 2 hours, so delays during regular office hours are to be expected. Leave a message and your reply will arrive as soon as possible and in the order in which it was received.

  4. The number of Subscribers may be limited at any one time because of high demand.  In this case you will find the purchase option is not shown in the booking tab and you may join the waiting list.

  5. New Subscribers will be expected to engage in the standard intake process; some may not yet be ideal candidates for hypnosis, may need to get clearances from their health care providers, may be out of scope  or may change their minds. Refunds will be cheerfully provided upon request in these circumstances.

  6. The free consultation is a good place to start if you are not already a Hypnotherapy by the Bay Client. 



  1. Client may receive a refund in the unlikely event that they decide to decline services for any reason, before or during the first session up until hypnosis is received.

  2. Recipients of gift certificates may request and receive a refund within a year of purchase.

  3. Client may receive a partial refund. If after the first session of a multiple session package, Client may request and receive a refund for unused sessions. The amount of the refund would be the price paid, net of the time used at the regular price, $39 processing fee and purchase processing fees.

  4. Except in case of an emergency, there are no refunds for subsequent bookings after the hypnosis usually done during the first session.

  5. If a refund is provided it will be net of any processing charges associated with the payment and a $39 processing fee. For example, if Client uses a credit card, pays on-line using the website, or uses PayPal, Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC will incur a processing fee whether or not Client gets a refund.  Processing the refund will require postage and handling time for 15 minutes at my current base rate: $155 an hour.  All refunds will be in the form of a check. Refunds will be provided after Client’s payment and the processing feeshave been received and posted to the bank account of Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC. This should allow a check to be processed in a reasonable amount of time like 3 to 5 business days; but the processing time and delivery is largely outside our control. Every effort will be made to get it to Client as soon as possible. 

  6. All services, EXCEPT gift cards or certificates, must be used within a year of purchase. Refunds will not be made after a year of purchase even if no services were performed. It is the client’s responsibility to schedule their appointments or request a refund within a year of purchase. 

X________  (Initial indicating that you have read, understand and agree to comply with all 3 facets of the Refund policy)


Client is free to reschedule their appointments or cancel their appointments as needed. Here at Hypnotherapy by the Bay, Janis understands that things happen. Sometimes it just does not feel right. It’s better that Client engages in hypnotherapy when they are truly ready to make a change for the better! That being said, remember that real growth and progress happens when one steps out of one’s comfort zone. That’s where the joy and magic lie!! 

If Client must reschedule or cancel, please text Janis at (410) 212-4144.

  • Please notify Janis as soon as possible, ideally 2 days before the appointment so that others may book the appointment. 

  • If Client texts Janis at least by 10 AM on the day of the appointment there will be no missed appointment charge. 

  • If Client does not call or text by 10 AM, they may still reschedule and pay applicable missed appointment fees. 

  • Emergency and weather situations will be examined on a case-by-case basis. 


Missed Appointment Fees

If Client does not call or text by 10 AM on the day of the appointment to cancel, there will be a $100 fee. If Client simply does not show up for their appointment, there will be a no- show fee of $155. 

X_______ (Initial indicating that you have read, understand and agree to comply with the Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy.)

Professional Courtesy, Partnerships and Client Safety


The following policy would generally not apply to clients seeking stress reduction services which do not include hypnosis. Currently, these would be services like Meditation, Guided Meditation, Meditation Instruction, Reiki, and Crystal Bowl Persuasion.

Clients who are currently receiving care from a health care professional for the same issue for which they are seeking hypnotherapy will be expected to get a note from said professional stating that they are aware that the client has requested hypnosis and that they see no contraindication. Client may request a form to facilitate this process or they may simply write a note on their professional stationary. This is highly desirable but not absolutely required.

Client wellbeing and safety are of paramount importance and a driving force for decisions made in the business practices and therapeutic choices at Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC. Therefore, clients who have been diagnosed with Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Chronic Depression, or Bi-polar Disorder must provide a doctor’s written acknowledgment stating that to the best of their knowledge client is an appropriate candidate for hypnotherapy, ie. there is no known health risk such that hypnotherapy would be contraindicated for this client. 

Practitioner may also decline service or request a professional’s opinion in other situations as well. Some clients may not be generally considered to be within Practitioner’s scope of expertise-like those in a current abusive situation, severe alcoholism prior to detox, in an active state of panic or anxiety, or have some other prohibitive condition or disorder. In other instances, Client may be deemed to pose a risk of harm to Practitioner like those with recent exposure to COVID or other contagious diseases. For the good of both Client and Practitioner, such clients may be declined service entirely or until the risk of harm has been eliminated. 

In some cases at Practitioner’s discretion, service may be provided to such clients to help alleviate symptoms associated with or separate from their condition if the health professional has provided written approval. In such cases limitations may be recommended by the professional; all of which would be welcomed and honored by Practitioner. 

In certain rare cases, depending on the case history and type of hypnotherapy requested, Practitioner may make exceptions. Client would be required to sign a release form stating that they are aware of this policy and choose to proceed at their own risk. Client and Practitioner would engage in a risk assessment and adhere strictly to precautions to ensure client safety. Practitioner may also consult with mentors, usually within the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, before accepting Client for hypnotherapy.

For Client’s convenience in any case, if needed, Hypnotherapy by the Bay will provide a form letter which the health professional can simply sign and return. A note on their professional stationary or prescription form is also acceptable.

X________ (Initial indicating that you have read, understand and agree to comply with the Professional Courtesy, Partnerships and Client Safety policy.)

I hereby certify with my signature that I have read, understood and agree to comply with all components of Hypnotherapy by the Bay LLC policies.

Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ______________________


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