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Purchase Options

  • Calmness & Clarity Medium. Two to three sessions up to 3 hours  Each session builds on the last and may be structured to fit client's needs.  Usually first session last 1.5 hours and includes Intake, Introduction, Interview, brief hypnosis and debriefing. Second session usually lasts 1.5 hours and follows up and addresses insights from the previous weeks, Customized Hypnosis based on client's goal, and debriefing,  REGULAR $465  NOW $450 (includes multi-session discount)

  • Calmness & Clarity Premium. Three to four sessions up to 4.5 hours. Same as above with an additional 1.5 hour session building on the progress made in the last sessions and wrapping up for success. REGULAR: $697.50 NOW $675 (includes multi-session discount)

  • Session by Session. Start here and come back as necessary. One hours $155. 1.5 hour $233

  • Crystal Bowl Persuasion.  Intake, interview, goal oriented meditation with hypnotic suggestions along with Cyrstal Alchemy Singing Bowls.​ $111 May also be included briefly in the above options as part of the induction.

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