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Are you creative?  Actor, Singer, Content Creator or theatre student, child actor?Would you like unshakeable self-confidence, tune into the archetype of your character so it feels like you own it, release writer's block, be able to tune into the flow of creativity, get into character immediately, really feel it every time? Would you like to improve your acting, singing, or writing?Would you like to take it to the next level? Move from wherever you are and clearly see your path to Star?    Hypnosis for the Stars


Would you like to enjoy a hypnotherapy session or a multi-session plan with someone else so you can save money, make faster progress and share your insights? Better Together


Are you ready to release or change a habit? (smoking, drinking, sugar addiction) Learn about Substance Release​


Do you feel controlled or limited by disturbing memories?


Do you have difficulty managing your emotions like anger and sadness?Do you have trouble sleeping or bad dreams? Do you avoid places or things?Are you suffering from the effects of tinnitus?Have you lost your sense of taste?Is fear limiting your life?​  Learn about Gifts Gone Bad? Take Back Your Bliss!!​​


Are you seeking relief from stress, fears, habits other than substances?Navigating a new path in life? Are you having trouble sleeping? Learn about Calmness and Clarity


​​​Would you like to change your weight or fitness? Learn about Ideal Weight and Fitness​​


Would you like to learn more about yourself, past or between lives, or your life purpose? Learn about Regression and Spiritual Hypnosis​​​


Would you like to reduce stress without hypnosis? Consider Meditation or Crystal Bowl Persuasion ​​​​Note: LGBTQ+ concerns may be addressed in the already existing programs listed above.

What brings you to Hypnotherapy by the Bay today?

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