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What is a Gift Gone Bad?

Are you dealing with lingering emotions or behavioral effects from trauma or abuse?

If you answered "Yes", then Janis' Hypnotherapy is for you. Here you will find the help you need to deal with and ultimately alleviate distress, fear, and bad habits which were left behind.

What is a “Gift Gone Bad”?

In a nutshell, this happens when a gift or opportunity evolves into a horrible situation. Sometimes this leaves one scarred, changes one's life, blocking one's progress in life, creating anxiety, fear, grief, shame, anger, bitterness or sadness ("negative residue"). The magnitude and nature of the bad gift and the lasting effects can differ greatly from person to person and still create difficulty that must be overcome in order to live fully.


1. The gift of being admitted to and excelling in the military in order to feel fulfilled by serving one's country and becoming "all you can be", strong, fit and courageous and receive financial rewards and the respect of one's peers. Only to find after being released that one is permanently scarred with horrific memories, trouble sleeping, haunting nightmares, and avoidance behavior. (PTSD)

2. The gift of being accepted by friends you enjoy only to have them play a mean prank on you (like being locked in the trunk of a car) that leaves you forever afraid (claustrophobic) and unable to trust, or difficulty making friends, bitter, angry, etc.

3. The gift of life only to be given up for adoption or orphaned.

4. The gift of a loving mother who accidentally drops you down 2 flights of stairs when you are a baby, causing traumatic brain injury and unexplained depression, confusing and exaggerated fear of stairs or falling, trust issues, etc.

5. The gift of being born into a loving family that sometime in your life turns bad; perhaps a divorce, or a parent who is a mean drunk, or an extended family member abuses you. 

6. You finally start your own business pursuing your passion only to fail miserably and go​ bankrupt.

7. You meet the person of your dreams only to find that they are unavailable or do not return your affections and your heart is broken.

How is Your Life Likely to Change?

  1. You will feel better, have more energy and stamina, be a BETTER LOVER!

  2. You will finally be free and be able to think about things other than those associated with the "bad gift" and focus on positive, creative, joyful thoughts that serve you.

  3. You will be more productive and able to focus on what you are doing.

  4. You will have more energy to devote to creativity.

  5. You will be brave enough to take smart risks and do more.

  6. You will have an easier life.

  7. You will enjoy life again or maybe for the first time that you can remember!

  8. You will be safer and more fun to be around--no more walking on egg shells.

  9. You will be free from the hassles of damage control associated with your temper and misplaced aggression or over-reactions.

  10. You will not have to adjust your behavior, figure out work-arounds so you can avoid things that used to terrify you.

  11. You will have better relationships and enjoy them more.

  12. You will feel more confident and at ease.

  13. People will hold you in high esteem for overcoming this challenge.

  14. You will be proud of yourself--and rightly so!!

  15. You will provide a better example and hope for others.

  16. You will finally be FREE and able to THRIVE!

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