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For the Love of Cats


Elite Cat Sitting by Janis

You Go Me Stay

As a hypnotherapist, I am well aware of the stresses that plague many of us even as we are enriching our lives with pleasure trips or are engaging in business travel.  I am well aware of how much you need someone you can trust to care for your fur babies while you are away from home.  Now you can relax and let go of this worry as I will love them for you! And yes, I will send you pictures.

Take Back Your Bliss now with me at your side caring for your precious kitty. Even if you never have hypnosis, you can enjoy the Calmness and Clarity that comes from knowing you have a happy cat at home with Janis.

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For the Love of Cats
Elite Cat Sitting by Janis

You Go Me Stay. For Your Peace of Mind While You Travel


I am excited to offer this service to you! I am also well aware of how much you need someone you can trust to care for your fur babies when you travel. Now knowing your fur baby is safe and happy with Janis, you can truly relax and keep the peace of mind you may have obtained through Hypnotherapy as you continue your journey of living your best life!  

(Of course you may purchase this separately. Hypnotherapy although highly recommended is not a requirement)

Purchase Options

One Cat

An advance meet and greet session for $10. This serves as an opportunity to discuss your expectations, see the layout, and get acquainted with kitty.

Depending on client's preference, visits may include feeding, fresh water, treats, scooping and adding litter, cleaning hair ball accidents, brushing, playtime and cuddles. No medication is administered or care for special needs.


Additional house sitting services may be provided like:  sitter may collect your mail, bring in packages, and adjust lighting per your instructions.  


Visits may last from 15 to 30 minutes. If your kitty is very friendly, I may stay longer time permitting. $30 

Additional Cat or Mileage

Visits cost an additional $10 for 2 cats. Service is limited to 2 cats. So up to 40 minutes for $40.

 There is a travel surcharge of $10 per visit further than 10 miles from my home in Annapolis MD. You will be advised of whether this applies to you when I receive your address (please provide it in the form below)

Initial Cleaning Needed or Additional Supplies

You may have been busy or in too big a rush to clean your cat's accessories before you leave. I respect your privacy and am not here to inspect or clean your home.  However, I expect that you will clean and disinfect cat box and scoop before I arrive the first time. Bowls etc should also be clean. A $40 refundable deposit is required in advance to cover my time in case you don't have time to do this and I have to clean up before I can even begin to care for your fur babies.


If you didn't have time to buy cat food or litter, I can also provide additional supplies as needed upon request for reimbursement when you return. 

For the Love of Cats--Get Started

Send me a message describing your cat sitting request, how many cats, how many visits, how long will you be gone, etc.  Then book a free consultation using on-line system or request a different time for a call back.

For the Love of Cats
Elite Cat Sitting by Janis
You Go Me Stay

Why is this service part of a Hypnotherapy business?

Short answer.  because with me caring for your cats while you travel, you can relax,  just like you do when you experience hypnotherapy.  Both services are designed to give you Calmness and Clarity. It is a natural offshoot to help you maintain your wellness and keep your bliss!


Long answer. I have recently become aware of a new calling.  As a mature lady hypnotist, dependable, experienced, and caring, lover and owner of cats; I feel like I am perfectly suited and would love to provide cat sitting as an extra outreach service to my community. So, I have started this offshoot business to better serve both my Hypnotherapy clients and all others in our community.  I have owned and cared for cats most of my life--over 45 years. I have cat sat for a few friends and found that I enjoy it and find providing this much needed service very rewarding.

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