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From Me to You


Have You Ever "Woke Up Screaming in the Night"? or The Secret Power of Hypnosis

You may have heard that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined phenomena. That’s why we get scared and sometimes have visceral reactions to horror films, cry at sad films, etc. Our conscious mind knows that we are just watching a film that is not real but our subconscious mind does not. We understand that and still we react, so how do such phenomena affect children and babies? At certain ages the difference between real and imagined is blurred, perhaps nonexistent.

Past Life or MSU?

Past Life or MSU
by Janis KC Jarvis

MSU stands for make stuff up. Sometimes human beings cannot tell if they have remembered a Past Life or if they are just making it up. Once in a while, clients will come out of a past life regression and report that they think they just made it up. Even if while they were in trance, they expressed no doubt but reported the memories in great detail and with an element of surprise. I feel that this notion while it may shock your hypnotist the first few times it happens, is a legitimate response and is still “grist for the mill”.

Hypnosis for Coping with Dementia

Today the librarian asked me if I work with people with dementia. I do not yet. I said I would be willing to take it on; however, I explained that I was not sure how effective that would be since they might not remember the suggestions. Guess what? I was wrong. A study done in Liverpool, England has shown that hypnosis was the most effective of all of the treatment choices studied. There is a program for it that I am investigating and perhaps soon I will get formal training in using hypnosis with clients with dementia!

Charles Fillmore Knew

How does Transpersonnal Hypnotherapy work?  Charles Fillmore knew:

"The superconscious mind lifts up, or regenerates, both the subconscious and the conscious,.." "The subconscious exists for the benefit of the conscious mind, but unless regenerated it thwarts the efforts of the conscious at every step, so that 'ye may not do the things that ye would'." Charles Fillmore, Keep a True Lent

This is one way to look at Transpersonnal Hypnotherapy, which joins body, mind and spirit to effect positive change.

Labor and Delivery, You can be Fear-Free!!

Hypnotherapy by the Bay is located in Severna Park, near Annapolis and Baltimore MD and may offer the best hypnosis in the Universe.  Perhaps one day you will visit and experience what some have called a Miracle here for yourself.  But for now, here is how it all came about:

  Many years ago on August 27th, it was a clear beautiful day in MD and I experienced two amazing revelations. One was that the baby I was carrying was a girl and the most amazing and beautiful baby ever born! I had never experienced that level of joy before and was overwhelmed by it.

Break Free with NLP!!

Break Free! with NLP!

Call 410-212-4144 OR LEAVE A MESSAGE HERE

Janis Jarvis, MA, MHt, Hypnotherapy by the Bay, is now offering you the opportunity to experience brilliant NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as taught by the wonderful Dr. Yvonne Oswald; at an incredibly low pricefor a limited time only. 

Break free now and make your life more fabulous!  It’s fast, easy and amazing!  You will understand yourself better, become more aware of your thought processes, and clear limiting beliefs and decisions.

Did You Know Smoking Harms Your Teeth?

I went to the dentist yesterday and noticed that one of the routine questions on their intake form was "Do You Smoke?", which has a follow-up question "If yes, do you wish to quit?".  I talked to the dentist about this and it turns out that they are concerned about this because smoking harms the teeth and causes bone loss!!  I must confess, I did not know this.  So, I told her I could help her patients quit smoking and also have less fear and stress about undergoing dental treatment.

Can Hypnosis Improve Performance in Sports

Did you watch the Beach Volleyball match last night and happen to hear how Misty May-Treanor and Karrie Walsh-Jennings prepared for their match? Sports Hypnosis! Yes indeed. Using fairly simple suggestions that the announcer shared with the public like "You are prepared for these matches" "You have everything you need inside you to win these matches"
Now of course we know that Misty and Karrie are the best in their sport and have prepared in many other ways as well. So, why do they still incorporate hypnosis in their training, right before an Olympic match?

Preparing for Hypnosis

Are You Hiding a Part of You?
Are you hiding something
like the swan in this picture? 

Hypnosis can help you
get rid of that which holds
you back!

While I usually do not ask my clients to prepare before
coming for their Transpersonal Hypnosis session, there
are a few things you can do to get ready. If you are
coming for help quitting a habit, fear, or limitation,
you can begin to think about how nice it will be when
you are free from it.  How will your life be better? 

Since Hypnosis involves communication with the
subconscious, engaging in activities that put you in

Veterans Day

I wish to thank all of the Veterans and their family and those currently serving our great country! There are some countries in which their citizens are not even allowed to practice Hypnosis.  Can you even imagine that?  Happily I can practice it and witness the virtually immediate positive effects of it. 
I just received word that I got an A on the certification test on Trance and Trauma and will soon receive my official Certificate for assisting clients who have suffered from trauma.
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