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2021 What Say Ye?

2021, What Say Ye?
This Year It Is Likely That
Julian Assange
There will be a greater groundswell of support for him and he will be released soon, perhaps as soon as March. If you support this, please pray for his release as well as for the release of other political prisoners. There is likelihood of mercy for them this year. 
The Health of Society
There will be other nefarious organisms released this year and COVID will continue to mutate. We may not identify all of the accidental or on purpose releases as they may be subtle, invisible of course, and attributable to other sources. We may think they are just organisms that have been lying dormant for years and then the circumstance were right for them to revive themselves. We may assume it is just part of their natural lifespan to simply reoccur like the return of the 17 year locusts. 

Many will succumb but not as many as would have if humanity had not already begun to protect themselves from COVID. We will continue to experience sporadic lockdowns in various parts of the world and mask and social distancing will become more widely practiced. Work at home will be the normal and preferred practice for many. Perhaps by the end of the year, COVID will be much less prevalent; however humanity will continue to take precautions as we will have learned that it is wise to protect ourselves from unseen organisms.

Humanity will continue to take risks, more calculated and safer than before. There will be illness from COVID and other mysterious organisms acquired through dating, but not as many deaths. 

Society is learning to deal with toxins of all sorts; Cleanliness without strong toxic material becomes more important. Strong toxins like bleach etc will be used primarily in Medical facilities and homes where people are known to be ill or at high risk. Society is finding that these cleansers also damage respiratory systems if over used or improperly used. They may also become scarce if overused by the general population. So in many cases, prudence and wise use is advised and adhered to. 
Conspiracy Theories, etc
There is some truth to them; how much will become evident this year. However I had a dream which warned me to be wary of getting on that bus. If it does not look right, do not board it, just because someone you know and respect has told you to. It will not take you home no matter what they say and you may not like your final destination. In my dream, the mentor appeared to be well intentioned and really believed it was the right bus. But it looked like a box car, with a door on the side through which many people were pushing and shoving to get on. The box car was sitting atop a truck which was set to travel on the road. Yet the passengers did not have to pay to get on. They were crowding to get on like cattle going through a turnstile. My feeling was that they were being deceived and the “bus” was not going to take them to their desired destination. 

I am aware that other psychics have done readings on this subject and I have heard one and agree with her predictions. However, a new issue has come to fore. To my knowledge they have not addressed the issue of human error and how it will affect the performance of the vaccines. What about spoiled vaccines and decreased dosages? Well, spoiled vaccines may be more likely to cause more serious allergic reactions or the immune system will simply refuse to receive the messenger cells and the messenger cells will disintegrate without changing the DNA. Both situations are possible depending on how strong the individuals' defenses are and whether they have had allergies in the past. As I am writing this I am aware that I left out the situation in which the spoiled vaccine is accepted by the DNA and has a deleterious effect. That could happen, but it was not what came to me during meditation.

Lower dosage will provide less messenger cells and will still provide some protection; but will not be as effective as full dosage. For example, instead of being 98% effective, lower dosages will be perhaps closer to 50% effective. So, conceivably there is a greater chance of a person contracting COVID with the lower dose. If society continues to mask up and social distance, the lower doses of vaccine will still be helpful. 

And, as COVID mutates the vaccine will need to be altered and re-administered. The vaccination process may not be able to keep up. Yet, I get the feeling that those who are vaccinated now will have a stronger immune system and may be more likely to dodge the virus in it's mutated form or get a milder case of it. That might be a hope and not a prediction. 

As the aforementioned other psychics have said, the virus will continue to cause allergic reactions sometimes severe, and birth defects such as slow learning ability. Note: this last bit is not based on science, but is someone else's prediction which may or may not be true. I feel like there is some likelihood that it will come to fruition. Testing has not been done on pregnant women, their spouses and babies. That's right, Dads too. Since the vaccine alters DNA, it could alter the DNA of Dad as well as Mom so there is a likelihood that such DNA could be passed on to the baby from Dad. Yet in situations where Mom and Dad are at high risk by the nature of their work for example, it may still be wise for them to get vaccinated. The prediction is that the defects will not affect all babies so again this is a topic that I would ask for prayer for the future babies of those who are vaccinated such that they will be protected. 

Love—That Win Flame Reunion Thing
Reunion for twin flames who desire it is strongly supported in 2021. In fact, manifestation of all desires becomes easier and faster this year. Particularly, desires that are backed by or fueled by a strong emotion like love or the Soul's desire for one's twin flame. That's a union like no other, truly magical. This union can be a powerful force for healing and other good works as all who are touched by this love are uplifted. It can be very beneficial if the couple are joined together in prayer, lightwork or other project for the Greater Good, the good of humanity. However, if they are consumed by it and do not share it, then they may become less productive, losing the will to develop their talents and self-actualization is placed on the back burner. Such unions can bring great joy but may not be the best path for those who are not committed to their evolutionary path as they will easily be led down a less than beneficial detour. 

However, this year it is increasingly likely that Twin Flame reunions will occur. Balance is the key to a happy and rewarding and lasting partnership. If you are seeking such a reunion, practice openness and acceptance; go with the flow; set the intention; and allow yourself to listen for, to perceive and follow Divine inspiration. If your twin flame or you are not ready yet, continue to go within, Self actualize and be kind when you meet again even if you do not want to stay together. Guidance from others say the Masculine energy must return, not the Feminine. I will go with that, but I feel like it is not going to be the case in every instance. Your twin flame most assuredly will be drawn to you sometime in the future, most likely it will be this year as the pull will be very strong. 

The Economy
It will be a bumpy road. Sharing will get us through. We must continue to help each other.

As always, when one door closes another one opens. Those who have lost their jobs would benefit by looking for the silver lining, the opportunity for growth, the feeling of letting others help them which actually is quite beneficial to the giver as well, and repaying the kindness by sharing their unique gifts and talents.

Sadly, I am aware that there will be more suicides and homelessness. Government aid will help but the majority of the assistance will come from caring individuals. Lightworkers may ease the despair by sending angels, love and prayers for Divine guidance and comfort and hope for each one.

The Weather, Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom
Most of the time and in most places, the weather will be delightful and diverse; supportive to the growth of humanity while Mother Earth continues to express Herself. However, cataclysmic events will continue to occur perhaps in India, Hawaii, Pakistan, China, Louisiana, Mexico, North Carolina, the UK, Indonesia. Some patterns we are seeing now—fires and floods—will diminish somewhat. They will be less severe than in 2020. They will be less deadly and less devastating to the Animal Kingdom. Animals will continue to acclimate and relocate to human territory and become more docile (deer, coyotes, foxes, etc.). There will be more harmony between the species, particularly if humans feed them. However, they will continue to be predators when necessary. They may change their diets to include more plant based foods as more and more humans will do as well.

Love, Peace, and Harmony Between Nations
There will be more peace and compromise; more collaboration. An unexpected miracle-like event similar to when the Berlin wall came down, may occur in 2021. More leaders will realize that we really are in this together and must overcome a number of issues by uniting and working for the Greater Good. 

Experiments with deadly organisms will be condemned worldwide and Nations will seek ways to safely dispose of them. It will be celebrated and admired. Really? This year? Yes, it is possible, the cosmic energy is supportive—why wait one more day? Let us do it now! Again a request for prayer.

That's all for now. 

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