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Gifts Gone Bad? Take Back Your Bliss!!
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A​re ​you dealing with lingering emotions or behavioral effects from a Gift Gone Bad?  
Then this program is for you and is also recommended for those seeking relief from the effects of tinnitus.
Here you will find the help you need to deal with and ultimately alleviate distress, fear, and bad habits which were left behind. Includes suggestive hypnotherapy, life coaching and indirect hypnotherapy. May include regression and break free sessions depending on client needs.

  • Part 1. Four sessions 1 hour introduction and interview; 2 90-minute sessions and 1 1-hour wrap up for a total of 5 hours.  Complementary Journal and Pen while supplies last. Regularly costs $775. Less $5 off per hour for a multi-session purchase = $755

  • Part 2. Total of 7.5 hours, usually 3 90-minute sessions and 3 1-hour sessions for a total of 6 sessions. Includes 2 discounts!!  Usually $1.163, with 30% discount for hour 6 and up PLUS $5 off an hour for multi-session purchase for a total of $386 OFF. YOU PAY $776.25 

  •  Total. Purchase the total program in advance for $1,526.25. Includes all the above discounts as well as another $5 off for investing in yourself with a total commitment! 

  • Session by Session. Start here and come back as necessary. One 1-hour $155; 1.5 hours $233.

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