Janis Jarvis Welcomes You to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, LLC -

"Janis has served me and several of my friends with past life regression sessions and hypnotherapy to help relieve stress and gain clarity. Janis has a very gentle, clear energy that makes it easy to relax into the process and enjoy the insights that come through."

Carol K.
Annapolis MD
July 2017

"I found the past life regression facilitated by Janis at Hypnotherapy by the Bay to be an outstanding experience! She was very patient and kind, and the memories recalled were very helpful in understanding present circumstances and helping me overcome issues.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in self-knowledge, creating a more purposeful life, or overcoming old behaviors."

Lisa C.
Silver Spring MD
July 2017

"I went into my session for past life regression excited but a little skeptical that I could actually be hypnotized.  Janis led me through the process and  I was able to have an amazing and powerful experience.  I gained a  great deal of knowledge about myself and left both somewhat  drained and also invigorated.  Though my session was several weeks ago, I am still receiving gifts of insight. I have done past life before but never under hypnosis  and this was a whole new level of learning for me.  If you are considering this type of energy work, I urge you to take advantage of it now while Janis is offering generous specials for the summer. Namaste"  
Linda V.
Alexandria VA
July 2017

"I came to Hypnosis by the Bay in February 2010. I had my doubts whether it would work but I had tried most other common methods with no success.  I am happy to report I am have been smoke free since my first appointment with you and I remain smoke free almost 3 years.
Thank you Janis….you saved my life"
Steve Tefel
Annapolis, MD

"I had the most incredible and amazing LBL hypnotherapy session on Saturday with Janis, and would HIGHLY recommend to any and all to take advantage of this fantastic service that she offers!  Janis is easy and wonderful to partner with in any area you might wish to explore or change, her warm and caring approach to facilitating that exploration and change make it a breeze to engage with her and extremely fulfilling upon completion!!!

Run, don't walk, to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, and let Janis help you transform into the person you always were meant to be... " 
Tony Geron
Gaithersburg, MD

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