Janis Jarvis Welcomes You to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, LLC -

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Not sure which service you would benefit from? No problem! You may now have me in your back pocket (or purse)! You may request either Hypnosis and/or Life Coaching or you can share your concerns--a troubling memory that still controls your life, a block to your success, uncertainty, a fear, phobia, bad habit, trouble with weight control, memory improvement, sleep disturbances, too much stress, trouble setting goals and accomplishing them-- and together we will decide on the best course of action.

If I am not in session, I always (10 AM to 8 PM) answer the phone for you! But you must hurry because I offer this to only 3 clients at a time.

  1. Guaranteed 4 sessions, Up to 8 Hours, each month of Any Service
  2. Instant Appointments within 24 hours of Contact or Sooner
  3. Rapid Response to 5 Calls, Texts, or Emails Weekly (within 8 hours or sooner)
  4. Life Coaching sessions by Phone, Internet or In-Person
  5. Hypnotherapy usually In-Person but may be done remotely
  6. $800 each month for 3 months minimum or $650 each month if prepaid ($1,950).

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

    • Increase Self Awareness-Why are you here? What's your next step?
    • Control or Release bad habits: Smoking (Lifetime Guarantee), drinking, biting nails, unhelpful eating and exercise habits, anger management, etc.
    • Eliminate or Control Fear and Limiting Beliefs (public speaking, bridges, snakes, failure, success, etc)

Professional Life and Health Coaching for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

  • Integrate learnings gained from Hypnotherapy, or
  • Pathways to greatness, success and happiness as a separate package

For your convenience, you may purchase services here or I will send you an invoice upon request.  You may enjoy the same cost savings if you prepay using the invoice.

VIP Service
3 months prepaid VIP Service, 4 sessions up to 8 hours each month of any service, plus rapid response to your call or text
Price: $2,400.00 $1,920.00
Stop Smoking
3 Sessions, up to 5 hrs, LIMITED GUARANTEE
Price: $550.00 $450.00
Hypnotherapy 1
FIRST SESSION ONLY, 1 Session up to 2 hrs
Price: $220.00 $160.00
Past Life Regression 1
1 session, up to 2 hours
Price: $160.00 $128.00
Hypnotherapy 2
3 sessions, up to 5 hours
Price: $550.00 $440.00
Past Life Regression 2
3 Sessions, up to 5 hours
Price: $400.00 $320.00
Life Between Lives 1
After 2 PLRs, 1 session, up to 5 hours
Price: $375.00 $300.00
Life Between Lives 2
Only one or No PLR experience, 2 sessions up to 7 hours
Price: $525.00 $420.00
Hypnotherapy 1b
FIRST SESSION ONLY, up to 1 hour
Price: $110.00 $80.00
Stop Smoking--Couples
4 Sessions, up to 7 hours
Price: $900.00 $626.00
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