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To obtain the best results, each program has a recommended minimum amount of sessions where all techniques of directive and non-directive hypnotherapy can be applied in proper succession. It is unrealistic to expect lasting results in just one session. Research showed a recovery rate of 93 percent in 6 sessions of hypnosis. Therefore, in most cases, hypnotherapy sessions are purchased in blocks of up to 3, and last up to 5 hours in total.

  • Lasting habit control results can be expected with up to 3 sessions along with listening to a recording every night for 30 days. Then a follow-up telephone call is held 30 days later to determine how much more fabulous one's life is now that the habit is gone.
  • Sometimes clients will notice lingering concerns related to the smoking habit that were not addressed by either party during the initial hypnosis which will require more sessions. 
  • If the client has followed the prescribed program, any follow-up sessions for smoking cessation are free.

The Professional Life Coaching program requires a commitment of at least 4 sessions. Generally sessions are held once a week, although they may be held more often in the first two weeks and spread out over the remaining weeks, depending on the needs of the client. Life coaching includes 3 phases: Introductory and Goal Setting; Work; and Consolidation and Review. 

Life coaching packages are available in 4, 6 or 8 sessions. If it takes more than one session to determine and clarify goals, tactics and strategies, it may require more than 4 weekly sessions to complete the cycle. This is because it generally takes 21 to 28 days to make a substantial change or create a new habit. If client chooses the 4 session program, the work phase may not last long enough to be adequately reviewed and assessed in the last session. 

Elite Clients may now have me in their back pocket--"on retainer"

For the elite few who are determined to meet their goals consistently, who have placed a priority on investing in theirs and their loved ones' happiness and in enabling them to constantly be their best and give their best to the world:

  1. VIP SERVICE is available for no more than 3 clients at one time. VIP clients may place the Coach on retainer for $800 a month for a minimum of 3 months (paid on the first day of the month or all in advance). 
  2. VIP SERVICE. Up to 4 sessions, 8 hours each month, AT A MOMENTS NOTICE--no more than  24 hours in advance and would be guaranteed. 
  3. VIP SERVICE. Guaranteed 8-hour response time to up to 5 incoming calls, emails and texts a week received FROM 10 AM to 10 PM.
  4. VIP SERVICE. Available for Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Soul Link clients.

Accommodating short notice appointments for VIP clients may result in bumping an already scheduled client without VIP SERVICE. Therefore, if one does not have VIP SERVICE, their appointment may be rescheduled. However I will make every effort to ensure that VIP SERVICE is provided without inconvenience to other clients.


For hypnotherapy, most sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. The first session includes the intake and client interview and often lasts longer than the 90 minutes but no longer than 2 hours. 

Life coaching sessions are available for up to 1 hour or up to 2 hours at a time. 

If sessions run over the maximum time allotted, the next session will be reduced by the overage of the last session. If this occurs during the last session, the client will be expected to pay $25 for each 15 minute segment as follows: 1 to 15 minutes = $25.


A $50 deposit must be made prior to confirming your first appointment. This payment is included in the total cost of service. So, if you pay at the time of service, your payment would be for the total cost less the deposit. If you pay in advance, you do not need to send a deposit (and you receive a significant discount).

Payment  may be made electronically via an electronic transfer, PayPal, ApplePay, or Credit Card. 

For your convenience, you may enjoy cost savings by using my on-line store; or I will send electronic invoices and you may easily respond by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

There are no refunds after the first session for hypnotherapy. Should you have to skip or postpone a session, you may redeem your session within a year of the time the intake form is signed. 

If you purchase a life coaching package and decide to terminate the program before completion your refund will be calculated using the higher hourly rate for sessions already held.

We do not bill insurance companies. Payment may be made via electronic transfer from a bank account, credit card or Apple pay; cash or check (second session and beyond). Low income clients may discuss alternative financial arrangements. 


If Client is unable to attend the appointment, they must inform us before or during the day before the appointment or it will be forfeited and any pre-paid funds will not be refunded; or Client may choose to reschedule and pay missed appointment fees. 

Missed Appointment Fees for Clients who wish to reschedule canceled appointments.  

If Client cancels their appointment at least on the day before the appointment, there is no charge.

If Client waits until the day of the appointment to cancel, there will be a fee to cover my costs and minimal compensation as follows:

  • $155 for a 5-hr appointment
  • $135 for a 3-hr appointment
  • $115 for a 1-hr appointment
  • $100 for a 2-hr appointment
  • $90 for a 90 minute appointment
  • $80 for a 60 minute appointment

If Client simply does not show up for their appointment and wishes to return for another session, there will be an appointment no-show fee of $155.

Professional Courtesy and Partnerships

Clients who are currently receiving care from a health care professional for the same issue for which they are seeking hypnosis will be expected to get a note from said professional stating that they are aware of the hypnosis and see no contraindication. 

Clients who have been diagnosed with Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Chronic Depression, or Bi-polar must provide a doctor’s written referral to proceed with hypnotherapy.


Minors may be seen on a case-by-case basis.
The entire session may be recorded at the discretion of the hypnotist/life coach.The parent or legal guardian must remain on or near the premises.

Minors age 12 and up

A parent or legal guardian must be present for the initial stage of the intake and sign a permission slip; from then on, the session will include only the minor and the hypnotist/life coach. 

Everyone shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of the sessions. General status reports will be provided to the parent or legal guardian; discussion of details of the session will be at the discretion of the minor.

The hypnotist/life coach shall respect confidentiality as described in the release form and shall withhold any information regarding the session without permission of the client unless certain reportable information is disclosed.

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