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Past Life Regression 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible that in a past life regression, a client just tells stories or does the therapist really help the client go to their past life?

A. The answer is Yes. The answer lies in one's ability to believe and be open to previously unknown possibilities.  If one has the ability to see that it is possible to 

1.) hold memories of a past life in the mind that are as vivid as every day experiences-the details of which are enhanced by being at a deeper level of relaxation, i.e. hypnotized--and that they believe that 

2) one can access these memories; 

then yes, the hypnotist really helps the client go there. In my opinion, the later is true in every case. However, holding these beliefs allows the client to easily trust the process, experience the past life regression, and benefit from the lessons inherent in these memories. 

Q. Do you have to believe in past lives to experience a past life regression?

A. Most clients are somewhat skeptical. Some ask for a past life regression in order to verify whether there is such a thing. However, clients can still experience the past life memory, but their conscious mind may put up more blocks, denial or resistance to the information that they receive and they may question or discard it afterwards. It is best to just be open to the possibility that it may be true and appreciate the experience as it unfolds. 

Q. Can everyone have successful past life regressions the first time?

A. Yes, particularly if they have had experience with hypnosis and are open to the process. In order to ensure success, I require a successful hypnotic experience before doing a past life regression. 

All hypnosis is voluntary so the client may close themselves to the process and refuse to allow access to the information. 

It is said that spiritual guides, angels, God, or one's Higher Self may block access to certain information that individuals are meant to discover in this life on their own, would hinder their spiritual evolution or that would not be beneficial to them. In this case, the client may still have a past life experience which may have beneficial lessons for them; but it may not directly answer their main query.

Also, in addition to the varying degrees of belief in the process discussed previously that may factor into the ease of the experience, it may take practice to be comfortable with it. The brain builds up pathways for having a past life regression just like it does any other learned behavior. So it becomes easier to be regressed after multiple regressions. 

Q. How do you know when you have had a real past life regression?

A. The feelings that one feels make it seem very credible.  Many clients experience a vivid memory, expressing it to me as if they are right there, feeling or at least being aware of all the emotions. They may see things they have never seen before, and they know and express things they don't know in this life.

Q. Why do clients sometimes question the validity of the memory af
ter they come out of the regression?

A. First, this is an experience like no other that the client has ever had in this life. So, they may be trying to make sense of it relative to everything else that they know to be real. 
Primarily, I believe that is just the rational mind fighting it for some reason.  After all, we are supposed to forget our past lives and now we are developing the ability to remember some. Once you accept that, the question becomes why?

I believe the ones that we remember are meant to bring us lessons that can help us in this life.  The quest is to figure that out. 

I usually dismiss the idea of figuring out if it is real and focus on how it can be beneficial for the client.

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