Janis Jarvis Welcomes You to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, LLC -
Ideal Weight and Fitness
This Client-centered program will assist you in trance-forming unhealthy food and exercise habits to healthy ones.  Rather than relying on diets, the focus is on making lifestyle changes, changing one's mindset, Spiritual Eating, and getting to the root of underlying causes and blocks to success.  

If you want a 10 to 50 lb change, choose the 2 or 4 session package. 

The 9-session program is recommended for you if you wish to release 50 lbs or more.  

The 2, 4, and 9 session packages generally include but not limited to:
  • recordings of all suggestive hypnosis
  • frequent--daily if necessary-coaching with motivational messages and accountability checks
  • intake and initial interview
  • 2 comprehensive sessions

The 4 session program adds
  • Regression to the underlying cause of over or under weight (optional), or
  • 2 of the specialized sessions listed below

The 9 session program adds
  • 5 specialized sessions such as "Moderation", "Body Image and Appreciation" , "Eliminating Excess", Food Aversion", Increasing Metabolism & Movement", "Choices", "Your Slender Image" 

What to book?
* 2, 4 or 9 session Ideal Weight and Fitness package

How is your life likely to change?

1. You will prevent damage to your joints and bones.
2. Your clothes will look better on you. 
3. You will make a better impression at job interviews! 
4. You will be happier and enjoy life more.
5. You will have better circulation.
6. You will get hired easier because you will be a better health risk so firms will expect you to be more dependable. 
7. You will feel better, have more energy and stamina, be a BETTER LOVER!
8. You will breathe easier with less coughing, climb stairs without being short of breath. 
9. You will be able to have elective surgery and your risk of getting heart disease or complications from medical procedures and viruses will decrease--better health, longer life expectancy!
10.You will have greater confidence and self-esteem.
11. Because you like the way you look, you will  be self assured.  12. You will have better relationships and enjoy them more.
13. You will feel more at ease.
14. People will hold you in high esteem for overcoming this challenge.
15, You will be proud of yourself--and rightly so!!
16. You will provide a better example and hope for others.
17. You will finally be FREE and able to THRIVE!

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