Janis Jarvis Welcomes You to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, LLC -
Can I Help You

  • Do you feel controlled or limited by disturbing memories? (trouble sleeping, bad dreams, avoiding places or things)

  • Do you have destructive or unpleasant habits, (smoking, drinking, overeating, nail biting, etc.) that you don't know why you do, that you don't want to do, but that you do do? 

  • Would you like on-going coaching support to help you make continuous improvements in your life

  • Do you avoid things others can do with ease--like driving across a bridge, flying in an airplane or taking an elevator? 

  • Would like to improve your performance in sports, memory  or occupation. 

  • Would you like learn more about yourself, past or between lives, or your life purpose using regression hypnosis?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, click here to get a free consultation

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