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            Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Bridging the Body, Mind and Soul
Welcome to Hypnotherapy by the Bay!!

Mission: to assist you on your personal journey; helping you manifest your goals quickly, helping you break free from limiting beliefs, and helping you realize your life's purpose.  

Vision: Janis's deep desire is to bring about more joy, peace and love in the world, hour by hour, client by client.  Through Hypnotherapy by the Bay, Janis will assist you to release blockages that may limit the full expression of the greatness that is within you.  Janis helps clients reach their goals, banish fears and limitations, and gain more self-awareness by using all of the tools at her disposal separately and in combinations customized for each client.  These include client-centered Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT, Regression--Present, Past, and Between Lives; NLP Break Free; Truama Hypnosis, and for the artistically inclined, has recently begun to offer Hypno-Art Re-perception and Expression.  Janis uses her creativity and vision to help you live a more joyous, healthy, and abundant life.  

So now, What is hypnosis good for?

Hypnosis can assist with goals like:
  • Weight Control
  • Beating Sugar Addiction
  • Stopping Smoking (Guarantee)
  • Relaxation
  • Improving Public Speaking
  • Sleeping Improvement
  • Eliminating Fear
  • Increasing Self Awareness*
  • and more (see blog)
*Present Life, Past Life or Life Between Lives regression and Break-Free sessions are available upon request.

"Janis Jarvis and I have been working together for the past two years. With me she's used hypnotherapy, past life regression, neurolinguistic programming, and other techniques to assist me in clarifying and resolving deep and abiding aspects of my Being in the world. She has demonstrated such familiarity and skill in applying these resources that she is consistently able to step away from their by-the-book application, and use their concentrated essences to follow and support me in my inner-work efforts. She somehow manages to be at just the right place with just the right word or concept to help me find the next stepping stone in fording the stream of my consciousness to the shore of my more solid Self. My time with her has been an unfolding, expanding pleasure I hope many other Searchers will have the good fortune to also experience and benefit from. Most sincerely, "

Robert Fears 
Rockville, MD
July 15, 2014

"I came to Hypnosis by the Bay in February 2010. I had my doubts whether it would work but I had tried most other common methods with no success.  I am happy to report I am have been smoke free since my first appointment with you and I remain smoke free almost 3 years.
Thank you Janis….you saved my life"
Steve Tefel
Annapolis, MD

"I had the most incredible and amazing LBL hypnotherapy session on Saturday with Janis, and would HIGHLY recommend to any and all to take advantage of this fantastic service that she offers!  Janis is easy and wonderful to partner with in any area you might wish to explore or change, her warm and caring approach to facilitating that exploration and change make it a breeze to engage with her and extremely fulfilling upon completion!!!

Run, don't walk, to Hypnotherapy by the Bay, and let Janis help you transform into the person you always were meant to be..."  
Tony Geron
Gaithersburg, MD

What Is Transpersonal Hypnotherapy?**

In transpersonal hypnotherapy, there is an emphasis on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the assumption that the guidance of a higher power will prevail within the therapeutic relationship, synchronistically bringing those insights and experiences that lead to the client's highest good.
Transpersonal hypnotherapy is an orientation that can best be described by defining the word, transpersonal-the crossing of mind, body, and spirit.

This orientation leads the practitioner into considering a broad scope of interventions that lead to mental, physical or spiritual changes and increased awareness. The transpersonal hypnotherapist allows for client and [hypnotist] to address any aspect of the relationship between the mind, body and spirit, and their effects on one another; yet, there is no religious orientation suggested, but instead an unfoldment that makes it possible for clients to explore their relationship to a universal creator and their own unique spiritual walk through human life. 
*Note: All are welcome regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs or lack thereof. For those who are not spiritually inclined, client/therapists discussions and suggestions shall omit the spiritual aspects.
**National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists


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